The Attraction Of Granite Countertops For Mn

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Home Improvement

Actually, granite countertops are naturally attractive everywhere; the natural beauty of granite is not reserved exclusively for Minnesota. But, by way of example, let’s consider the use of granite for countertops in mn.

What Qualifies As A Countertop?

Something on top of a counter need not be a countertop and, in the context of those made from granite (or any other type of stone) the stone top can be a kitchen work surface but might still be called a granite countertop in mn if it is actually atop a vanity or surrounding a fireplace.

The important part is that it is made from one of the naturally occurring rocks in the siliceous stone family known as granites. (These days, even a countertop made from engineered granite could still be classified alongside the fully natural granite countertops in mn). All types are readily recognizable by their speckled shiny color fleck pattern against a background that is generally green, brown, black or silvery gray. The colors and patterns vary with the location of the natural granite quarries.

After extraction from the quarry; the granite will be cut on heavy duty equipment into large blocks from which slices can be taken. These slices form the basis of countertops. The slices will be around half an inch or so thick and can be quite large square or rectangular sheets of stone. Both sides will be ground to flatness and one side will then be polished and buffed to bring out the granites glittery beauty. A sealant will be applied to protect the polished surface.

Granite Countertop Fabrication

Whether destined for use in the kitchen, bathroom or any other part of someone’s Minnesota home the polished sheet is most unlikely to be exactly the right size to cover the existing area that is to be topped or faced. This means that it has to be cut to a required size and (sometimes) more than one sheet has to be joined up. Openings for things like sinks, basins, hobs, fireplaces; even bathtubs, etc have to be cut out from the sheet or fabricated from strips. Exposed edges will require either a radius or bevelled shaping to protect people from sharp edges.

Fabricators of granite countertops for mn are usually stockists of a wide range of different granites and, as part of their service to buyers, they will take care of the entire installation starting with preparing the drawings detailing all the cutting that will be required before they can install the granite in the buyer’s home. Obviously, the final price will cover raw materials, cutting and installation fabrication.

For a wide selection of granite countertops in mn, check out the showroom of Granite Unlimited, Inc online or physically at 8960 205th St. West Lakeville MN , 55044. They also provide full fabrication and installation services.

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