Parents often have a lot of questions about child custody orders. This is true for parents in Highland Park and across Texas, as things can quickly change for both parents and kids after a divorce.

As child custody can be a very complex and emotional issue for parents, working with an experienced child custody lawyer is an important decision. Parents living in Highland Park should consider a local attorney for convenience in meeting with or talking to the lawyer throughout the process.

The Standard Possession Order

In the state of Texas, the standard possession order is the default order used when the child is at least three years of age. This order provides clear instructions on the time both parents have with the child or children. The order depends on how far apart the parents live from each other.

For parents living less than 100 miles apart, the custodial parent is assumed to care for the child unless it is the specific times listed on the standard order. At these designated times, which usually include the first, third, and fifth weekends of the month and one evening per week, the noncustodial parent has time with the children.

Holidays alternate on a yearly basis, with the noncustodial parent having 30 parenting days with the child during the summer months.

For parents living more than 100 miles apart, travel can be more challenging. In these cases, the alternate weekends may be reduced to just one, the evening visit during the week may be removed, and the noncustodial parent may have 42 days with the child over the summer.

The standard orders also stipulate that if both parents agree to make changes to the order, they can do so without the need to return to court. However, if they cannot agree or if the standard order is no longer possible, a child custody lawyer should be retained to get a modification to the order.

During the modification process, the child custody lawyer works with the parent to address the desired changes. In some cases, this can be a factor of the other parent moves further away, if there is a concern with the other parent and the child’s safety, or if other factors arise after the original order.

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