The Basics of Workmans Compensation Insurance

by | Dec 27, 2012 | Insurance

Workmans compensation insurance, or workmans comp as it is often referred to, is a type of law that provides protection to employees that are injured while on the job. The purpose is to provide an injured worker with adequate medical care and ensure that he or she receives recovery of lost wages. While workmans compensation insurance in San Diego is something that appears to only benefit the employee, it is actually a benefit for both worker and employer. Injured employees who agree to receive workmans comp often forfeit their right to sue the company.

Workmans compensation insurance in San Diego often also provides financial assistance to the next of kin in the event that the worker is killed. The terms and conditions are different from one company to another, so employees need to carefully read the contract to know exactly what it does and does not cover.

While worker’s comp often makes it easier for the employee to receive benefits and medical coverage, there may be instances when your employer may deny your right to be covered under the policy. Sometimes, the reasons are legitimate, which is often the case if the employee was injured as a result of willful misconduct, horseplay or intoxication. Nevertheless, if you feel that you are wrongfully being denied of your right of receiving worker’s comp, then you may need to hire an attorney who will review your case and take the case to court if necessary.

An employer’s objective is to reduce liability and may exploit loopholes in the law to prevent you from receiving worker’s comp. Employees often have little understanding regarding their rights and entitlements in the event that they become injured while at work, so that often puts them at a disadvantage.

Workmans compensation insurance in San Diego can differ depending on the type of job description and business. All employees should discuss the terms of the insurance with their employer and take the time to go over it on their own. There are many terms in the contract that can be confusing; it may be helpful to have a lawyer go over it to make sure that the policy provides adequate and reasonable coverage in the event that you are hurt and unable to continue to perform your work duties for an extended period of time.

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