Ergonomic chairs are not one size fits all. This is especially true for taller individuals. If your office chair doesn’t align with your needs, the ergonomic features are useless. This is why it’s important to look for certain features when shopping for a tall ergonomic office chair.

Seat Height

Having a chair that provides adjustable seat height is a must for taller individuals. If your chair is too short for you, your feet won’t sit comfortably on the floor. This can cause thigh strain, leg fatigue, and circulatory problems over time.


An inadequate backrest height leaves you with chronic back pain and poor posture. Your backrest should provide you with support for your entire back, lumbar region, shoulders, and head. A comfortable backrest will help reduce fatigue and encourage you to rest more frequently.

Seat Depth

The correct depth of the seat can be a game changer for tall individuals. A deeper seat allows plenty of room for longer thighs, which provides you with adequate support while relieving pressure from your back and knees. Being able to adjust the seat depth reduces your leg fatigue and promotes good posture.

There’s no reason to suffer with an inadequate chair that causes excess fatigue and can lead to chronic aches and pains. If you make sure your tall ergonomic office chair includes all of these features, you’ll have a chair that keeps you feeling wonderful throughout the day. Visit BodyBilt to find the best chair for your needs.