A Law Firm in Junction City, KS is the first place you should start when determining your next step. You must select an appropriate attorney for your specific case based on his or her area of practice and the case you are facing. Typical areas of practice include family law, traffic court, and criminal law. These areas define specific law fields that present various probabilities. These probabilities present a need for resolution in which it is necessary to hire legal counsel.

Family Law

In family law, there are divorces, child custody, and matters that relate to families. Cases that affect families place importance on the common interests of the family to ensure that smooth transitions are made. In these cases, it is not uncommon for the court to appoint an advocate for children and their rights. An advocate allows the child to have an open outlet to express his or her needs.

Traffic Court

Traffic court presides over cases that involve occurrences such as DUI, DWI, and other major traffic violations. An attorney will discuss your rights in these areas to determine how to proceed and allow you an open outlet to state your case. If you are a first-time offender, it is probable that your attorney can enable you to seek an alternative to sentencing. This, however, depends upon the circumstances of the violation.

Local Representation

Oleen Law Firm provides legal advice and counseling in criminal, family, traffic, and personal injury law. If you are facing charges or need to begin a case within any of these law fields you should contact this law firm to seek legal advice. Consultations are available with an appointment.


Attorneys within a law firm offer a wealth of services. These services depend upon the needs of the client primarily. The lawyers provide information related to rights and procedures used to proceed in these cases. For instance, in criminal law, the attorney will discover the charges against the client and determine the most effective way to fight them. In family law, an attorney may represent a client in a divorce or child custody case. Each field represents immeasurable probabilities. Click here for more information.