If you need a new roof, you may be considering a shingle roof. Yet, other people may be telling you to get a tile one instead. How can you decide between the two? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. In the end, most homeowners should opt for a shingle roof. Find out what benefits there are to installing a new shingle roof from Santa Ana, CA.

A Brief Look at Shingle Roofs

It should come as no surprise that shingle roofs are the most popular in North America. These roofs are constructed of individual shingles, which are small, square or rectangle pieces. Each piece is made up of asphalt. This material is used because it is highly resistant to water and other types of weather conditions. Shingles are installed onto a rooftop in an overlapping pattern to ensure that there is adequate coverage.

One main benefit of shingles is that they are cost-effective. It is relatively cheap to purchase an entire set of shingles for most roof sizes. You will also save money on installation costs. This is because a shingle roof is the easiest to install for roofing companies. If you are trying to get a new roof and save money, then you should choose a shingle roof from Santa Ana, CA.

Design Choices

Don’t assume that shingle roofs are all the same dull, gray color and style. There are a wide variety of shingles on the market. You can choose a shingle roof in almost any color, texture and size that you want. This makes it easy to match the design of your home. Therefore, shingles can add to the beauty of your home just like any other type of tile.

There are many other advantages to buying shingles. For one, they are the perfect roof to use in areas that get a lot of sun. Choose a shingle roof from Santa Ana, CA for your next roofing installation.

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