Visiting a new area can be fun and exciting, but many people become overwhelmed at the idea of having to learn a new city and get around. More and more vacationers are choosing to combat this stress by arranging for an Arrival Shuttle Service in Maui, which will be waiting when their plane lands and provide them with a safe and reliable way to get to their hotel. Here is a quick look at the many benefits to arranging for this service as soon as possible.

On-Time Pickup

There is nothing more stressful than to have to rush to find a cab that can provide transportation to a family’s lodging accommodations. An Arrival Shuttle Service in Maui can be pre-booked and have a driver at the ready as soon as a plane touches down. Don’t make the first several hours of a trip a stressful endeavor when having a driver on standby will provide a family with the transportation they need on their terms.


The cost of renting a vehicle can be astronomical, especially when the price of the base rental rate, mileage surcharge, and fuel are factored in. A private shuttle service offers affordable rates and will help those utilizing the service load up any luggage they may have. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a small rental car, when a shuttle will provide added convenience for a fraction of the cost.

Vehicle Options

Most shuttle companies have a wide selection of vehicles that allow them to accommodate parties of any size. Large vans will provide ample room for up to 15 passengers and their luggage, and SUVs can be perfect for smaller parties of up to eight individuals. Talk to a transportation company about the vehicle options they have and choose one that will make getting around as comfortable as possible.

With a little planning and research, meeting the transportation needs of any size group can be stress-free. The team at Hawaii Executive Transportation offers a vast selection of cars and will ensure a customer arrives at their intended destination safely. Visit to learn more and schedule for an airport pickup using their convenient online booking system. You can also visit them on Facebook.