The Benefits of Daycare: Child Care Services in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Child Care

When the time comes to go to work, trusting someone to care for your child can be incredibly difficult. That’s why finding trustworthy child care services in Fort Wayne, IN is so important. While you might feel guilty heading back to work, you can trust that your child is benefiting from a traditional child care setting.

Regular Schedule

Getting your child on a schedule can make life both predictable and simple. Schedules, especially of naps, allow your child to adjust and apply this schedule at home. A schedule can also help determine which activities students can do and when. This makes planning simple, and the structure can help keep their behavior in check.

Academic Advancement

Child care services also allow your child to increase in development both cognitively and academically. When spending more time in educational facilities, children are more likely to advance faster in school and perform higher on academic achievement tests.

Time with Peers

Child care services allow your child to spend time with other children in a structured setting. This is a safe environment for students to learn to problem solve, share, play, and learn together.

Increased Interaction with Other Adults

When spending time in a childcare center, children are likely to be exposed to new adults. These adults can serve as both mentors and authority figures to the children. This allows them to see beyond just the world of their parents and let them know that other adults care for them and their success. To know more, click here.

Smoother Transition to Kindergarten

Kindergarten can be a tough adjustment on little ones, especially those not in full day care. If the child is already used to being in a classroom setting, collaborating with other students and adults, and learning, then the transition to formal school will be less of a culture shock. At Kiddie Prep School, we know how valuable your child is and how important his or her learning time is, so we develop a curriculum that works.

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