Many people drive past pawn shops daily without realizing how these stores can benefit them. In fact, businesses like Metropolitan Pawn Brokers routinely provide clients with fast cash by making instant loans on valuables. Many also invite clients to “Sell Us Your Pawn” as part of advertising slogans. That is because they are gold, diamond, and coin specialists who pay very well when they buy items.

Unwanted Items can be Buried Treasure

Customers often visit pawn shops to get loans for items they want to keep. The process, known as “pawning”, allows them to get cash on the spot, but reclaim items when their loan is paid. However, a company that invites customers to “Sell Us Your Pawn” can often provide more cash when they buy outright. This is often the case when clients find that old, broken jewelry is worth more than they thought. Shop appraisers weigh precious metals and offer rates based on market values, which are at historic highs. Stores also evaluate and buy watches, diamonds, estate jewelry, coins, and collectibles. They can appraise inherited pieces and antiques. Professionals pay for tea sets, sterling silverware, and jewelry in almost any condition. Many now post lists of the items they accept on websites like .

Fast Loans let Customers keep Valuables

Some customers choose to take out loans on their items, even if selling would bring more money. Their valuables may have sentimental value or be something that they need and want back. In these cases, pawn shops make loan offers. The stores generally loan money on the same items they buy and it’s common for customers to pawn wedding rings, precious stones, and luxury watches. No credit checks are required and clients get cash on the spot. Items are locked in secured areas. If customers cannot pay in-full by the due date, they usually have the option to pay finance charges only and extend their loans.

Quality pawn shops are excellent sources for quick cash, especially since they will buy scrap gold and unwanted jewelry. They also offer fast, fair payments for dozens of other items, including silverware, coins, and collectibles. In addition, the stores offer cash on the spot when they loan money and use customers’ valuables as collateral.