Seniors who wish to remain in their home after they are unable to live independently should consider in-home care. This allows them to choose a nurse who provides care for them in the privacy of their home. For seniors who don’t want to live in a nursing home facility, this is the most beneficial opportunity.

What to Expect

In Home, Senior Care helps your senior perform everyday tasks. This includes bathing, grooming, and meal preparation. An in-home nurse offers your senior companionship and assistance throughout the day. They ensure that your senior maintains their dignity and treats them with compassion throughout this transition.

The In-home nurse helps your senior run errands such as grocery shopping. They take them to doctor’s appointments if necessary. They ensure that your senior has everything they need at all times.

Choosing the Right Care Provider

Through In Home Senior Care programs, you connect to care providers who will stay in your senior throughout the day and night. You have the opportunity to review their credentials and meet with the nursing staff available to you and your senior. Once you find the right nurse, the program director helps you to complete all paperwork needed to provide care. At any time that an issue arises, you can contact the program director.

Medicaid and Medicare

In-home senior care is paid for through both Medicaid and Medicare insurance. The program director files these claims on behalf of your senior. You’ll receive a price list of any out-of-pocket expenses that apply to care. Most programs accept major medical coverage as well. To acquire more information about coverage and what is available through your senior’s policy, you can discuss these options with a representative.

At Home, Senior Care allows your senior to acquire the same level of care in which they’d receive in a nursing facility. These programs allow the senior to continue to live in their home. An in-home nurse provides assistance throughout the day and night. They manage all daily tasks, including meal planning and preparation for your senior. To learn more about these opportunities, contact your preferred provider now.