The term memory care is relatively new, and it is a bit different than standard senior care. While the latter emphasizes support for daily living because the individual is no longer able to take care of all of their own needs and requires some support with personal care and other matters, memory care is specifically for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s like issues. In other words, when the need for care arises because the individual has cognitive impairment, it is best if they have care services for those with memory-related issues.

What Are the Benefits?
Of course, optimal care is never just about the basics, but also emphasizes quality of life, addressing of individual symptoms and health issues, and keeping the individual as healthy and safe as possible. When it is memory care, though, staff go to great lengths to ensure patients get the kind of care most beneficial to their specific condition and the status of that condition. For instance, it is proven that game playing is helpful to those struggling with memory loss and that by doing daily games and other mental exercise, it is possible that their memory condition and symptoms may be mitigated by the care.

Beyond Basics
Care of this kind also ensures optimal safety because one of the most common side effects of memory and cognitive conditions in the elderly is wandering. Easily becoming disoriented, forgetting where they are or where they were headed, proper care ensures that everything from furniture placement and access to home appliances to monitored and secured doors are part of the care. Whether the individual is continually leaving the kettle to overheat or they forget to take medications, the monitoring, interaction, and security of care for patients with cognitive issues uphold safety.

Quality of Life
Of course, with memory care, the individual’s overall quality of life is vastly improved. They have social interactions and empowering activities, they can be taken to and from any sort of visit or errands and the kind of personal care they receive is adapted to their needs. If they were someone used to grooming and self-care, that does not have to end because of memory issues.

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