Most people who get married do not envision a day in which they’re sitting beside their spouse discussing the possibility of an uncontested divorce in Indianapolis. Getting married is supposed to be for better or for worse, right? And, if one person breaks the wedding vows, why wouldn’t the other one want to take that person to court? Believe it or not, many people make the choice to have an uncontested divorce and are able to avoid court entirely during their divorce.

Most couples with minimal assets and no children choose to have an uncontested divorce, mainly because the cost of a contested divorce will yield no additional benefit (the value of the joint assets is less than the cost of moving forward with a contested divorce. It’s important to contact an attorney to discuss whether or not uncontested divorce in Indianapolis is the right option for you.

People often decide to move forward with an uncontested divorce in Indianapolis without an attorney in an effort to further reduce any fees. But, it’s recommended that you hire an attorney to help you to arrange a fair agreement for both parties. People without legal experience just don’t always know their rights related to alimony, child support or property division. So, it’s always a good choice to contact an attorney before proceeding officially with divorce proceedings.

Even if both parties agree on the divorce, the separation of a marriage and the couple’s assets is still a legal matter and should be overseen by an attorney. The attorney fees are typically far less in an uncontested divorce, because the court system is not involved. The uncontested divorce significantly reduces the amount of time your attorney spends on court appearances and paperwork, resulting in lower fees.

For couples with significant assets, an uncontested divorce in Indianapolis might not be the way to go, even if both parties are agreeable to moving forward without one another. The laws related to asset division are complex, and a lay person will not be able to decipher them in a manner that protects his or her best interests. By contacting an attorney before proceeding with filing the paperwork, you’ll be able to determine whether or not an uncontested divorce is right for you.

In addition, couples with children typically need to be in complete agreement related to custody before moving forward with an uncontested divorce. Since custody agreements are complex, it’s important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure the most favorable outcome for you and your children. If you’re not sure how to proceed, or if you think you might like to consider an uncontested divorce Indianapolis, be sure to contact an attorney right away.

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