Winter is the season when the trees in a yard lose their leaves and transition into a state of dormancy. This period of rest is the ideal time for a homeowner to schedule Tree Pruning in Orange County. Below are a few of the ways taking care of trees when the temperature drops can benefit not only the appearance but the health of the trees year-round.

Avoid Spreading Infection

The insects, fungus, and bacteria that commonly infect trees are also dormant or dead during the winter. This means that trees can be pruned without having to worry about spreading disease and bacteria to surrounding trees in the yard. The sap from freshly pruned trees in the spring is also more likely to attract pests, which won’t be an issue during the colder months.

Ease of Pruning

Trees can be difficult to prune in the spring and summer months because of the leaves. In the winter, it’s easy to see the tree’s full form and identify which branches need trimming and cutting. This also puts the trees in better structural shape for warmer weather.

Improved Tree Health

When trees are pruned in the spring and summer, they waste more energy attempting to regrow their branches. Pruning in the winter months allows more time for them to heal from the cuts and supports better growth and resilience in the upcoming season.

Efficient Pruning

Since the ground is much harder and compact during the winter months, it is easier for the pruning professionals to maneuver their equipment around in a yard. Pruning can be completed much quicker because the contractor has fewer obstacles in their way, so the trees are easier to access. Also, this will mean less of a mess in the yard because the equipment won’t leave ruts like it might when the ground is softer.

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