Even the Best Towing Company will need a few minutes to reach the scene when a vehicle breaks down. It is during these moments that the occupants of a disabled car could be at risk. Here are a few tips to reduce the risk while you wait.

Pay Attention

Minimize the amount of time you wait by making it easier for the tow driver to find you. Pay attention to landmarks in unfamiliar territory, give good directions and accurately describe your vehicle to the dispatcher.

Get off the Road

Get as far over to the side of the road as possible. Removing your vehicle out of the way of traffic is important. Not only will it help to avoid slowing everyone down and causing a potential traffic back-up on busy highways, but it makes it safer for yourself and for the driver who will be vulnerable to oncoming vehicles while hooking up or loading your car.

Use Precautions

Roadside flares and reflectors are commonly found in emergency kits. Use these to alert other drivers to your presence. Stay on the shoulder of the road away from your car in case it is hit. Even in good weather and during daylight hours, people can easily sideswipe a parked vehicle. If you are in town and the neighborhood is questionable, find a nearby store or restaurant where you can wait safely, but let the towing dispatcher know where you are. If that fails, stay in the car with the doors locked, but only as a last resort.

Getting a Ride

If someone is picking you up before the driver arrives, call to let them know so you can arrange payment and alert them to where the keys will be in the vehicle. Place a note on the windshield in case a police officer stops, so they are aware a truck is already on the way.

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