We all know that braces are good for straightening teeth, but what else are they good for? In this article, we will dig a little deeper and explore the various ways that braces can have a positive impact on your oral health.

  1. Braces Put a Halt on Halitosis -Crooked, misaligned teeth are a great way for germs and bacteria to go unnoticed. Because they aren’t easily reached when brushing and flossing, these gems get a chance to hide, ferment, and multiply in your mouth. This eventually can lead to halitosis, otherwise known as “stinky” or bad breath.
  2. Braces Can Improve Speech -Did you know that wearing braces could actually improve your speech? It’s true! Teeth that are irregularly placed in the mouth can cause speech impediments and other annoying effects (such as producing a whistling sound as you say certain words). While braces aren’t always the answer to such problems, they can certainly assist in remediating them.
  3. Braces Can Save Your Bones-Your jawbone, that is. As sneaky bacteria lingers on misaligned and hard-to-reach teeth, your jawbone can end up paying a hefty price. This bacteria will eventually begin to eat away at your jawbone if left unchecked slowly.
  4. Braces Aid in Digestion-Teeth that are crooked, missing, or poorly aligned won’t be as effective in shredding and grinding foods as they should be. As a result, your difficulty chewing could result in gulping down large pieces of food that may prove difficult for your stomach to digest properly.

All in all, there are many benefits to seeking affordable braces in Chicago. Aside from having straight, glorious looking teeth, there are also benefits to braces that could save your oral health. Contact Lippitz Orthodontics, or visit them online for affordable braces in Chicago. Get started on the journey back to better oral health.