The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Diabetic Eye Disease In Boca Raton

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Eye Care

Diabetes can cause many problems, including irreversible blindness and in the US, it is the primary cause of blindness in people less than 65 years old. It can cause temporary blurring of vision and carries with it an increased risk of glaucoma and cataracts. Many times, the situation is worsened because people don’t realize they have diabetes until they start having vision problems.

Through the years, those with high blood sugar and other metabolic abnormalities may be diagnosed with diabetes. This can cause blood vessel damage in the body, which can lead to poor circulation in different parts of the body. These areas of the body can include the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes, which is why diabetic eye disease in Boca Raton is so severe.

Retina Problems

The retina is the part of the eyes that is most affected by diabetes. When you think about the retina, think of it like film in the camera. Pictures can turn out blurry if you shook the camera or if there was some other flaw in the camera and the same can be true of the retina. If it is wrinkled or swollen, it can cause blurry vision.

One such problem is called retinopathy, which is where the blood vessels near the eyes can balloon and leak into the retina. It can also cause a macular edema if the macula starts swelling because of the liquid.

Proliferative retinopathy is where there is decreased oxygen flow to the retina and, therefore, causes new blood vessels to grow. These new vessels are fragile and can leak, which can lead to hemorrhage and severe vision loss.


The symptoms of this problem can include many things. If you notice blurry vision with a shift in your blood sugar levels, you could have a more serious problem and should get checked out by a doctor. In most cases, there are no other symptoms, other than blurry vision and vision loss. Therefore, if you notice this at all, you should be seen by a doctor. Do not ignore it, blink it away or try other ways to reduce the blurriness. You need to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

The problem is that diabetic eye disease in Boca Raton can take many forms, including glaucoma and cataracts. Preventative measures for the problem can include regular visits to your ophthalmologist.

Diabetic eye disease in Boca Raton is more prevalent than you may think. Visit Retinal Eyecare Associates today to learn more and seek treatment today.

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