The Coil Heater You Have Been Looking for

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Business

Coil heaters can go by a few names. You may know them as hot runner nozzle heaters, hot sprue heaters, spring heaters, cable heaters, and even micro tubular heaters. Whatever the case may be, they serve a similar purpose.

A coil heater is often found in a winding or spiraling shape. The name itself refers to the resistance wire that is found inside of the heater that winds its way through the heater’s full length.

Tons of Applications

Perhaps the best thing about a coil heater is that it can serve any number of applications along the way. It can be used for plastic injection molding, food/tray seal packaging, rubber injection molding, mass spectrometry, and so much more.

No matter what the use may be, you will know that you are getting the right heater for the job. With such versatility, coil heaters can prove to be one of the most valuable components you use.

Different Profiles

There are also different profiles for the coil heater of your choice. There are different roundness dimensions, flat densities, flat-pressed brass, mini-pressed brass, and even an OD sheath to provide all of the solutions that you could possibly need.

The key is to find a manufacturer that can produce the kind of coil heaters that you need. In the end, they can be applied to a huge array of applications and meet any profile that you require in your daily line of work.

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