One of the more convenient features offered by storage facility companies is truck rental in York, PA, for moving the customer’s possessions. Without this service, the customer has to find a different company to rent from or make multiple trips with a friend’s pickup truck. Being able to get this kind of full service from one organization is appealing when someone has a large number of belongings to put in storage.


Hiring movers is even more convenient, but it also is significantly more expensive than truck rental in York, PA. Moving truck rentals generally come with equipment that streamlines the process for customers. There may be a dolly, for instance, along with blankets for protecting furniture. Some companies charge a small fee for these amenities.

One Trip

Renting a moving truck is an especially attractive option when the storage facility is 30 or more miles away. The person may be relocating to a new town and taking time to find a suitable apartment there. Moving everything he or she owns with a pickup truck might require five or six trips if a lot of furniture, boxes and totes must be transported. That can be very time-consuming.


The schedule for using the truck will be much more flexible than hiring movers would be. Storage facilities increasingly provide 24-hour access to their customers. The person renting a unit can transport belongings to storage at any time of day, even in the middle of the night. This type of access is provided by A Better Rate Storage.