If the drains in your house begin to move slower than usual, do you automatically reach for a store-bought drain cleaner in Saskatoon, SK? If so, you may be doing more damage than good. While the chemical cleaner may clear away the clog to begin with, in the long run, the damage it can do may not be worth it.

Still not convinced that drain cleaners are that bad? If so, keep reading.

Pipe Damage

One of the biggest dangers of an over-the-counter drain cleaner in Saskatoon, SK is that it is going to damage your pipes over time. The chemicals are going to eat away at the grease, grime and debris in the pipes. It’s also going to begin to eat away at the pipe itself. Over time, if you continue using these cleaners, your pipes may get holes in them.

Human Damage

Another problem with chemical drain cleaners is they can cause serious injuries to the people who use them. The chemicals in these cleaners are extremely caustic. If they come in touch with the skin, they can cause serious burns. If it gets in the eyes, in severe cases, serious eye damage can occur. As a result, these aren’t really safe to use.

As you can see, the fact is, using an over-the-counter drain cleaner in Saskatoon, SK just isn’t a good idea. A better option is to call a plumber for help with the situation. They will ensure the issue is fixed without causing additional damage or injuries.

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