A comparison of selling a house the traditional way and selling houses to cash buyers confirms the ease and quickness of the latter. It’s understandable why using a cash house buyer is quickly becoming the preferred method for sell house fast in Massachusetts.

Old Fashioned House Sales

Selling a house using traditional methods entails many steps, fees and fine print. One must choose a listing agent. Next, the house needs to be cleaned, decluttered, repaired if necessary and properly staged.

Experts recommend a visual tour as well as open houses and timely social media campaigns just to showcase the house. An escrow and order title need to be opened before or after a detailed home inspection.

After selling, a closing appointment and final paperwork, the buyer receives proceeds mines repair credits, agent commissions, real estate lawyer’s fees and other fees noted in the closing documents. The process takes months or longer.

Cash Buyer House Sales

Since the cash buyer intends to buy the house for sale directly, the seller doesn’t need a real estate agent or real estate lawyer. The seller contacts the buyer directly and offers details about his/her house.

The buyer visits the house and inspects it as well as the surrounding property. Based on house condition, current market values, necessary repairs, the surrounding area and amenities, the buyer makes a fair cash offer.

The seller and buyer close at a reputable title company. The buyer gets to pick the closing date. The entire process takes less than two weeks.

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