Botox Treatment in Charleston SC is one of the most well-known and commonly used anti-aging products. The reason why it remains so popular is because of its effectiveness and safety. When properly administered by a professional, Botox has very few risks and the side effects it does cause, like mild swelling and redness at the site of the injection, will subside within a couple of days. Most patients are pleased with their results and are able to fine-tune their injections over time to achieve the exact look they were hoping for.

In addition to its use in reducing the look of wrinkles, Botox Treatment in Charleston SC is being administered for a number of other purposes as well. It has been found to reduce the pain and frequency of migraine headaches, can assist people who suffer from a condition that causes excess perspiration and can even help to calm and overactive bladder. Of course, its most common purpose is to make people look younger. It has been discovered that Botox is able to do this in two separate ways. The first is the immediate change it causes, but the second is a long-term improvement that many have been surprised to discover. Over time, when used regularly, wrinkles and lines can be reduced when Botox is administered repeatedly. Experts believe this is because the skin and muscles are relaxed while the product is active in the body. This allows the skin time to repair itself and become firmer.

Of course, neither permanent or even temporary results are guaranteed, but the large numbers of repeat customers prove the effectiveness of this product. Very few anti-aging treatments can boast of the speed of how the treatment is given and how quickly results will be apparent, but Botox can do both. A Botox Treatment in Charleston SC can be done at a clinic or spa, like Tatum Dentistry, during a long lunch break or on a weekend afternoon. It will require no down time or special instructions for recovery after the procedure and the results will noticeable immediately. In many cases, there will be additional improvements over the course of the week following the treatment as well. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.