The Ekornes Chair is the Epitome of Comfort

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Furniture Store

The popular Ekornes chair began production in Norway back in 1971. Since that time, the chair has become a staple for many households due to its comfort and style. The Ekornes chair is a staple product for Ekornes furniture line. They are sturdy being built on a wooden base with lumbar support. The Ekornes chair is an instant hit with anyone who sits in it with many people saying it is the most comfortable chair they have ever sat in.

Glide System

The Ekornes chair does not rely on levers to recline. Instead, the chair glides back using wheels and the person’s body weight. The prevents the inevitable snapping motion associated with traditional reclining chairs. By adjusting your weight forward or back, you control the chair. The glide system will adjust and follow to your every movement.

Body Support

All Ekornes chairs have great lower back and head support. The headrest can be adjusted for maximum comfort. The headrest is designed to lean back while in a reclining position or sit up to enable you to watch television.

The chair provides maximum comfort for people of all heights. The secret is in the shape of the seat and back which envelopes the sitter and provides full body support in all the right places. With thick pillows made from foam, the chair is the ultimate in relaxation.


The manufacturers of Ekornes chairs offers customers a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanisms which includes the metal frame, headrest, lumbar system, metal springs, and gliding system.


Ekornes chairs are available in a variety of designs and colors. Their innovative glide system is integrated into all lines of their chairs.

Many manufacturers have unsuccessfully tried to mimic the comfort and success of the Ekornes chair. No one has been able to duplicate the Ekornes chair.

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