A good probate attorney in Sacramento should have only one goal in mind. Often times law firms will move a long sheepishly when it comes to probate matters which can quickly rack up the costs and drain the decedents estate. The longer it takes to distribute assets that more money it costs and the less value the estate is able to maintain. Of course it is not all about the money when it comes to what the right thing to do with a probate or more correctly a potential probate matter is, it is about mitigating the risk of dealing with losses and controlling the amount of stress that is involved with the distribution of the decedents property.

Keeping in Line with the Goal
Every step that the right firm takes will be to further this one goal which in turn helps you to get the outcome that you hope for. The goal is to keep the case out of probate court! It may sound counterintuitive for an attorney that specializes in this field to want to keep the matter out of probate but it makes a lot of sense when you consider that probate situations can:

  • Drain an estate of its assets
  • Take years and years to settle
  • The case can end not in your favor

Assets that are tied up in probate are losing value every day that they are stuck in this “freeze” mode, very few decisions can be made about the assets, investments and sales that could benefit the estate take on more obstacles, assuming that they will be allowed. Overall it is just a bad place for any assets to be parked.

How much time do you want to wait for the estate to be settled? 10 years, 5 years? It could happen if the estate winds up with probate.

The Law Offices of Mitchel S Otswald always keeps the goal in mind!

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