The Holistic Vet Clinic: Alternative Healing Approaches For Your Pet

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Health

In today’s world of medicine and veterinarian care, a vet clinic can choose to be traditional in its approach. It can follow the standard procedures and applications of veterinarian care. Yet, increasingly some vet clinics are choosing to take an alternative path to the treatment of animals. They are looking it from a holistic philosophy.

In doing so, they are taking what has been part of an ancient medical practice – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in particular, and applying it to the patients in their animal hospitals. For a vet clinic of this type, holistic healing is all about addressing the entire animal. It is no longer about focusing on individual symptoms and health issues. This is an alternative approach to healing with a focus on the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of the animal. To accomplish this, veterinarians are continually adapting the methods currently employed on humans.

Plants and Alternative Healing

When it comes to using plants to help heal, the methods are quite diverse as are the specific parts of the plant used in each process. A vet clinic may adopt any of the following methods:

* Aromatherapy – uses only the essence of plants based on the associative properties of each plant’s scent

* Flower Essences – uses only flower and herb essences based on the life force of the plants involved

* Herbology – may use any and/or all parts of a plant based on its medicinal properties. The plants may be ingested or applied

* Homeopathy – uses specific parts in pill or liquid form

Energy Healing

This type of alternative or holistic healing relies on the belief that each living being has a “chi,” “ki” or “Qi.” This is the Life or Universal Force that animates our entire being. If, for some reason, this force becomes unbalanced, the result is ill health. Your pet may manifest this health issue in emotional, mental or physical form.

To restore the balance to the individual, it is essential that the vet work with the energy force. The means of doing so may require an actual hands-on approach. The practitioner may also opt for a hands-off method. Common methods of energy work include:

* Acupressure

* Reiki

* The Tellington TTouch

* Therapeutic Touch (TT)

* Tui-Na massage

Other forms of massage therapy are also beneficial in restoring balance to the Life Force.

Your Vet, Vet Clinic and Pet’s Health

We all want the best possible treatment for our beloved companion animals. It may be that conventional treatment does not provide all the solutions. If this is the case, it is important we look elsewhere to ensure the longevity of our animals. At a holistic vet clinic, you will be greeted with a different approach to the health and welfare of your pet. It may, in fact, be the method and philosophy you have been looking for.

If you are considering holistic treatment for your pet, consider the advantages of the caring professionals at Holistic Veterinary Healing. This Vet Clinic offers a broad range of integrative and holistic care for your pets. To discover more about this inclusive approach to healing and animal health, visit our online site at

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