The Importance of a Brake Pad Service in Forest Lake, MN

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Automotive

In the past, vehicles had hybrid braking systems. In many cases, front brakes, which is where most of the braking power came from on front wheel drive vehicles, would have been equipped with disc brakes. Rear axles may have been equipped with drum brakes. However, many of today’s vehicles come equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. What this means is that brake pad service in Forest Lake MN will be necessary from time to time regardless of the vehicle.

The Lifespan of a Brake Pad

Brake Pad Service in Forest Lake MN is a service where the old brake pads are removed and new brake pads are put in their place. The amount of time that it takes for brake pads to wear down will depend on the type of vehicle that is getting the service, how the vehicle is driven, and the quality of the current brake pads. The average lifespan of a set of brake pads can range between 30,000 miles and 70,000 miles. So, if a vehicle has gone at least that many miles without any brake service, it may be a good idea to have the brakes inspected.

Listen to the Vehicle

Fortunately, most brake manufacturers have systems in place to alert drivers to a potential worn brake pad. Most brake pads are equipped with a wear indicator and once the brake pads reach a certain thickness, the wear indicator will begin to rub against the brake rotor creating a grinding or a whistling sound.

Avoid Extensive Damage

This noise indicates brake pads that are wearing thin and close to wearing out completely. Ignoring this indicator may cause metal on metal contact. This will not only require a person to replace their brake pads, but it can also do damage to the brake rotor, thus increasing the costs of repairing the braking system.

The thing to remember is that brake pad maintenance is extremely simple. Even some mildly handy people are able to affect these repairs themselves. However, if the car you drive is a bit more complicated or perhaps you’re not comfortable trying your hand at replacing brake pads, then it may be time to visit They can inspect your brake pads and if they need to be replaced, you can make an appointment to have your brake pads serviced as needed.

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