The importance of fire sprinkler system inspection

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Fire Protection

Building codes demand that buildings be protected against fire with the use of a fire sprinkler system. Having the system installed, either during new construction or during an extensive renovation is not the end of it by far. There are things that can happen that can have a detrimental impact onn the function and integrity of the system; water supply can drop, one or more of the sprinkler heads can easily become damaged or one of the many pipes in the system could leak. All of these things are dealt with during a regular fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ. When you arrange inspections, undertake routine maintenance and system wide testing your sprinkler systems will work when you need them.

  • National Fire Protection Agency:

The NFPA have established regulations that require sprinkler systems to be inspected on a regular basis by a licensed inspector. Failure to follow this regulation can result in legal action; local authorities throughout the country have adopted the NFPA regulation as protocol.

  • Water supply:

It is the water supply that dictates the capacity of the fire sprinkler system in your premises. In order for the system to work as originally designed it must have enough water in the system, if the volume and pressure is inadequate the system will malfunction, the result will be a rapidly spreading fire even though you believe you are protected.

  • Water flow and pressure:

In order for the system to work on demand, the flow of water and the water pressure is critical. The system will have been designed with these issues in mind, however, things can change. One of the steps taken during a typical fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is to check the water flow and pressure.

As the owner of an industrial or commercial building you are charged with the responsibility to do everything possible to provide a safe environment for people. Fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ will ensure that the system will work when it needs to.

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