Are you in Austin, TX, and thinking of ordering preventive maintenance for your material handling equipment? Perhaps you’re unsure whether it is worth the investment or simply aren’t clear on what such maintenance entails. Evaluate the question carefully so you can decide if you need any preventive maintenance service in Austin, TX.

Preventive maintenance for material handling equipment is vital to producing high-quality goods as safely as possible and getting them to your customers expeditiously. Preventive maintenance testing involves conducting routine tasks and identifying issues that arise, instead of waiting until major equipment failures pop up in the course of business.

Preventive maintenance is a prudent business move that can save money by making operations more efficient, but it’s also vital for creating a safe, compliant workplace. Equipment failures can injure or, more rarely, even kill workers in your warehouse. They might also lead to damaged products for consumers that could cause further injury. Either eventuality could lead to legal and regulatory problems.

Preventive maintenance is a kind of hazard control system, mandated by the government regulatory agency OSHA, which can mitigate severe workplace hazards. OSHA is especially concerned with mandating preventive maintenance for safety equipment, and it provides detailed written instructions. It mandates that preventive maintenance for equipment other than safety equipment adhere to proper industry standards.

Some of OSHA’s preventive maintenance statutes apply to all workplaces in general. These include such things as the stipulation that employees keep the work area as clean and dry as possible. Others are specific to particular industries or particular equipment, such as the requirement that when gantry cranes are finished being operated they be moved away from cranes in use, have all their controllers turned off and have their emergency switches in the open and locked position.

If you are convinced of the need for preventive maintenance on your material handling equipment, feel free to schedule your preventive maintenance service in Austin, TX, today!

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