Someone who has never watched an industrial paint job may not understand why sandblasting is often recommended or even required. Industrial painting contractors in Spartanburg SC commonly sandblast metal structures before applying fresh paint. It removes the old paint as well as any rust that has developed, along with surface stains. This allows the new paint to adhere properly to the surface and prevents the appearance of old stains that might otherwise show through that new coating.

People might think about how painters sometimes scrape away old paint from residential buildings with a wire brush, a metal scraping tool or a sanding device. They can’t sandblast wood with abrasive materials as the process would damage the surface. The sandblasting of metal is a fast and effective way to remove all the old surface coating and contaminants. Sandblasting isn’t only used on metal buildings, but on old cars, tractors and even bicycles that will be restored.

Painting Contractors in Spartanburg SC who perform sandblasting use this abrasive process to remove algae, mildew, fungus, grease, oil and mineral accumulation. There are various methods and types of equipment used in the procedure, with each intended for specific purposes. A broad range of abrasive materials also can be used for different effects. Some are gentler and some are harsher. Some are dry and some are wet. In fact, some surfaces are sandblasted to create a rougher area from a completely smooth one. Paint is more easily scratched when the metal is very smooth. This can be seen in how easy it is to scratch the paint on a vehicle; all it takes is a key.

The process of surface preparation is essential to make sure the new coating does not start to peel away and that it has an even, unmarred appearance. In some instances, the paint job begins to deteriorate within a few years without proper surface preparation. The building owner is thoroughly aggravated to find paint flaking off of the metal so soon. This doesn’t occur when the work is completed by a contractor such as Southern Painting and Sandblasting. Visit Website for more details on their services.