Organizing an outdoor activity, such as a child’s birthday party or even a corporate event, gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the entertainment of your guests. Inflatable bouncing houses come in a variety of sizes and themes, so when you’re researching the perfect bounce house rental you’ll always find something that suits the event perfectly. These houses are always brightly colored and accommodate people of almost any size, and the companies that provide a reliable bounce house rental will have several of them for you to choose from.

A Fun and Colorful Activity

Choosing a bounce house rental in Newberg, OR is a great idea because let’s face it, everyone loves to get into one of these houses and jump around like they did when they were kids. The houses themselves come in a variety of designs, including tropical, hot-air balloon, castle, and sports arena designs, among others, so you are always guaranteed to find one that is perfect for the activity you have planned. A bounce house rental is a perfect idea for any type of outdoor activity, both personal and corporate, and guarantees the day will be a lot more fun in the end.

Reasonable Prices Make it a Perfect Choice

Of course, the companies that rent these bouncing homes provide them at very reasonable prices, so whether you need it for an hour or for most of the day, it should never cost you a lot of money. Companies, such as Botten’s Equipment and Event Rental, even come out and set it up for you, then come back later and deflate it so they can remove it from the premises. In other words, they make the entire transaction easy on your part, and all you have to do to get started is give them a call.