If you are a modern day medical professional you have many high tech tools at your disposal. Diagnostic procedures continue to advance and we can see inside the human body and brain in ways once only imagined by science fiction. In addition, communications have made rapid advancement and today’s physician answering service is high tech, efficient, and highly affordable. Let’s look at how this service has advanced over the years.

The Early Years
Before telephone there was telegraph, and messages were sent this way for instant communications. Although this “instant” process was rapid by standards of the 19th Century, they are very slow by today’s standards. In the late 1800s the telephone came into being and this was a major advancement in communications.

Early telephone systems were very basic and required people to manually plug and unplug connections via a switchboard. One called the operator to place a phone call.

As phone calls advanced, switchboards became less and less needed. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s, Bell Telephone came up with a way one could direct dial long distance numbers. Before this, you needed an operator to assist your call.

Modern call centers started in the 1970s and advanced considerably in the 80s with many technological innovations.  However, during this time period, most physician answering services were operated by people answering a telephone and directing calls where they were needed.

Automation and Answering Services
Answering machines were first invented in the 1930s and were huge. They gradually grew smaller over the decades and became very popular during the 1980s technical revolution. However, answering machines were not suitable for physicians answering services. Today, enhanced voice mail is very common, thanks to computerized technology, but it’s not meant to handle calls for healthcare businesses.

21st Century Technology
Today’s answering services do not require any people as they are fully automated. You can call a doctor’s office and the physicians answering service greets you with a cheerful voice and has the ability to direct your calls. For example, non urgent calls can be answered on the next business day. Urgent matters will instantly be forwarded to a medical professional who can help you.

The doctor answering service of today is efficient and does not require special equipment taking up valuable office space. In addition, because it is fully automated, you can enjoy a physicians answering service for a fraction of the cost of many types of answering services today. In fact, some of these services charge a flat rate each month and this makes budgeting simple and easy.

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