There are many different styles and types of rugs for upscale homes in the Houston area. In most of these homes, Persian rugs are the type of rug selected, and for several very good reasons.

Understanding why these rugs are so popular can help a homeowner to decide if this is the right choice in an area rug for their home. There are different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and designs to choose from, so they do make a very good match for virtually all types of homes and rooms.

The History

One of the most important reasons these rugs are so popular in Houston, and throughout the world, is the long history behind the rug making process. The manufacturing process for these rugs can be traced back at least 2500 years, to the time just after Cyrus the Great of Iran conquered the city of Babylon.

Traditionally, and still today, Persian rugs are made by hand. There are some similar styles of rugs made by machine, but these should not be categorized as authentic rugs from Persia by knowledgeable rug sellers and buyers. It is important to buy from a reputable seller as the value of a handmade rug, even a new rug, is much greater than that of a machine-made, mass-produced type of rug. Throughout this area, Ashly Fine Rugs is a leading seller of authentic rugs from this area.

Unique to Each Artisan

While there are some standard patterns and motifs in Persian rugs, each rug weaver uses slightly different methods, colors, and details in the design. In this way, even ancient and antique rugs from Persia can be identified as coming from a particular area and family.

In addition, all rugs from Persia are natural and do not contain either synthetic materials or artificial dyes. They are beautiful works of art that add to the design, décor, and ambiance of any room of the house.

For quality Persian rugs in the Houston area, turn to the professionals at Ashly Fine Rugs. More information on our selection of rugs can be found at Domain.