After you suffering an injury or illness that prevents you from working? You may need to pursue benefits from government funds that you have paid into during your career. Despite having paid into them, however, you still may find that your access to these funds is not so easily granted.

Instead of trying to apply for and get them on your own, you can hire a lawyer who can file and pursue your case for you. You can benefit from putting an experienced Charlotte Social Security Disability attorney on retainer.

Making the Most Compelling Case

When you have an attorney on retainer, you can make the best case for why you need these benefits. The judge may not take you at your full word if you were to appear before him or her on your own. He or she might believe that you can continue to work, particularly if your illness or injury does not leave any discernible marks or symptoms on your body.

However, your attorney can argue for why you cannot go back to work and why you are genuinely ill or injured even if you do not look like it. He or she can make sure that the criteria of your claim fills the requirements of the court to get you the benefits that you need.

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