A heat pump is a simple way to heat your home or to vent the heat from the air conditioner. In a HVAC system, refrigerant is piped through the appliance. The refrigerant is compressed, which causes it to heat up considerably. The heat pump then siphons that heat and pumps it where it’s supposed to go. In an air conditioner, the heat pump pumps the hot air out into the atmosphere where it vents. In a heater, it pumps the hot air into the HVAC system. The refrigerant is then piped into a different chamber, where it is allowed to expand. Such rapid expansion greatly cools the refrigerant, which is the part that is used by an air conditioner. If you need heat pump repair, certain problems will manifest in a few ways.

Heater Won’t Heat Up

If you turn your heater on but the air coming out is room temperature, you need heat pump repair in Riverside CA. If nothing happens at all, it could be an issue with the fan or some other element of your HVAC system. Make sure your thermostat is set to “heat” and not just to “fan”. If the heat is turned on and it’s not heating up, you should call a professional.

A heat pump service professional can typically diagnose what is wrong with your pump and get it working fairly quickly. The experts at a place such as Classic Aire Care are very good at what they do.

Pump Freezes Up

It’s not uncommon for elements of your HVAC system to freeze up during extremely cold weather or when your air conditioner runs constantly. The defrost system is supposed to come on periodically. If it does not do so, you need heat pump repair. The heat pump needs to be able to defrost so it can continue to work properly. Visit at Ace Home Heating & Air Conditioning for more details.