Tinted windows are found on vehicles of all makes and models. Many drivers choose to professionally tint their windows soon after purchasing a new car. Glass window tinting in Houston TX is popular for many reasons.

Protect from the Sun

Perhaps the most common reason drivers choose to have their windows tinted is to protect their eyes from the sun. Window tinting also protects other areas of the body, such as the arms and hands, from sun damage. A high-quality tint blocks up to 99-percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sunlight is also notorious for impairing vision. Glass window tinting in Houston TX reduces window glare, making it safer to drive on a sunny day. When used in conjunction with sunglasses, window tinting reduces the risk of crashing due to temporary blindness.

Comfortable Climate

Anyone living in a hot climate knows how quickly the temperature inside a car can rise. One of the best ways to keep the interior of a vehicle cooler is with window tinting. Since direct sunlight is reduced, cars don’t take as long to cool down on a summer day.

Tinted windows can also improve gas mileage and help save money at the gas pump. It’s estimated that car’s with tinted windows remain up to 60-percent cooler than those without. After installing window tint, drivers rely on their air conditioners less and reduce their energy usage.

Added Privacy

People spend more time in their vehicles than ever before. With lengthy commutes and a non-stop lifestyle, many drivers like the added privacy tinted windows provide them. This is especially appreciated by those with young kids or babies in the backseat.

Improved Personal Safety

Many drivers don’t realize that it’s more difficult to shatter glass that has been tinted. Since tinting reinforces glass, it’s harder for criminals to break into a vehicle. It also adds an additional layer of protection during inclement weather, such as wind or hail storms.

Not only does tinted glass look great, but it also provides drivers with many benefits. When applied correctly, window film should last the entire lifespan of the glass. Check out Lonestarglass.com if you want to have the windows on your vehicle tinted by a professional.