If you are planning on throwing a large or small informal sporting or conservative corporate event, consider the benefits of party platters. Not only are they popular, but they appeal to the tastes of a wide assortment of guests. You can have them made to satisfy the preferences of everyone from vegans all the way to meat eaters and even those who are found somewhere in between. It is a fun and simple way to ensure everyone can relax and enjoy the event.

What Are Party Platters Exactly?

Party platters are exactly what their name indicates. They are large platters containing a variety of food. While they may be carried around a gathering – allowing guests to make a selection, they are also frequently placed in strategic and convenient places around a room. This lets the guest graze, making their own choice from the wide selection that, hopefully, is available and within taste and reach of all.

A Word about Platters or Trays

Presentation is important. When it comes to party platters, people can keep it simple or go all out. The options run from the inexpensive and utilitarian to the elaborately costly. They include the simple but disposable plastic serving trays as well as the more elegant and decorated glass or china trays. You can even purchase silver trays for a more upmarket event.

The trays also differ according to their purpose or function. It they are to be sandwich party platters, they will not require specialized compartments. If the party platters are to be used for finger foods or other types of dishes, the trays will need to be designed suitably. They will need to have the compartments in which the caterer can place the appropriate dips and sauces.

Different Types of Party Platters

In addition to the different types of trays, party platters are also divided according to type. Below are listed the most common types of party platters found at events.

     *     Vegetable Party Platters: Typically these hold a variety of fresh and chopped vegetables along with appropriate dips and sauces. Broccoli, carrots, celery sticks, red peppers, celery sticks and other vegetables are chopped into small easily eaten bites.

     *     Fruit and Cheese Party Platters: This is the type of platter that goes well with wine tastings and cocktail parties. Favorite fruits include strawberries and melons. Dips can be provided but often the choices of cheese acts as the perfect counterpart to the fruit.

     *     Meat and Cheese Party Platters: These are commonly found at a wide variety of events. They consist of a mixture of hard sausages and cured meats. The cheeses are usually cut into small cubes to ensure easy eating. Crackers or some sort of flat bread is included as a venue for the cheese and/or meat.

     *     Sandwich Party Platters: This type of party platter is one of the most common. Due to the wide variety of sandwiches, the potential for amazing and pleasing your guests is not so much a goal as a given. Chicken salad sandwiches, ham and cheese and BLT can provide satisfaction to all party goers.

At your next event, consider the advantages of party platters. The variety of foods they can offer your guests is incomparable. Whether simple or elaborate, party platters can help turn any event into a chance for everyone to enjoy food they really enjoy and, no matter how dull or depressing the actual occasion or event, come away, if not a smile on their faces at least with a contented stomach.

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