Most types of machines vibrate when in operation, but deviations from an established norm can signal the presence of problems. Experts at Vibration Analysis in San Antonio are able to spot developing issues before they become more serious, extending the service lifetimes of machines and making breakdowns less likely. There are a variety of ways by which the use of this technique can help reveal developments that need to be dealt with.

A Record That Can be Kept and Referred to Later On

After a machine has been set up, calibrated, and aligned, the vibration pattern characteristic of prime operating conditioning can be captured. This initial state will then be employed later on as a reference point against which future captures can be compared. Using vibration analysis in San Antonio will typically involve looking into how features like the following have changed since a machine was first set up or last adjusted:

  • Magnitude.
  • The sizes of the peaks and valleys that characterize a machine’s vibrations should be monitored closely at all times. When these become more pronounced than in the past, it will mean that the associated vibrations have become more significant and energetic. That can lead to more rapid wear and other forms of deterioration, as when fasteners become loosened more quickly than they were designed to. A shaft that is no longer held as securely as it should be can contribute to more pronounced vibrations, as can a number of other common developments.
  • Frequencies.
  • Just like the sounds they generally give rise to, vibrations have characteristic frequencies, as well. Generally speaking, vibrations will most often happen at the same frequency that a shaft rotates or a linear part moves back and forth. Harmonics that are multiples of these fundamental frequencies will also normally be present, as well. Studying the entire spectrum of a machine’s vibrational frequencies can be just as revealing as looking at magnitudes.

An Unintrusive Way to Keep Track of a Machine’s Status

Click here and it will be seen that there are a number of advantages associated with making regular use of vibration analysis. Primary among these is the fact that a machine will not normally even need to be taken offline in order to analyze the vibrations that it is currently producing.