For those looking for casual dating relationships in Boston, anywhere can be a good place to meet someone to go for dinner, drinks and dancing, or even to take to a movie.

However, for those looking for more serious, long-term types of relationships, particularly those searching for a potential life partner, some of the common places to meet people can be counterproductive. Learning where not to meet people in the city is just as important as finding out where to seek people with similar interests, likes and goals.

Bars and Clubs

While going to bars and clubs is a good placed to meet all types of individuals, these venues are not typically going to result in finding a true soul mate.

Bars and clubs are problematic for several reasons. First, people often act very differently in these types of environments than they do outside of these locations. Additionally, people often misrepresent themselves as they may assume that everyone else is doing the same thing. The result is often a lot of misconceptions about the individual that quickly turn into feelings of distrust.

Blind Dates

While it is possible to meet people in Boston on blind dates, the results are not typically positive over the long-term with these types of connections. This is because friends and family members tend to try to match two single people rather than two people with similar interests and goals for a relationship.

Often blind dates are uncomfortable and awkward for everyone, and they rarely result in a second date. This can cause frustration and tension even in the friendship as the person that sets up the date can feel unappreciated for their efforts.

Mixers and Networking Events

Professional networking events and mixers often turn into opportunities to meet what may seem like those with similar professional goals and relationship desires. However, these events are rarely monitored, and people are taken at their word that they are professionals they claim to be. Sometimes, individuals may be at these events that are looking for someone that is professional, wealthy and established in their job. It is also important to keep in mind that simply being professionals doesn’t mean you have things in common or even the same goals for dating and relationships.

This is why using Boston matchmakers is so highly recommended by professionals and those with a high public profile. The pre-screening and selection of only qualified candidates for a date helps to avoid these common issues while assisting in providing great dating experiences.