Many people are happy to purchase a used car. Whether you are one of them, or not, depends on how you view the purchase. If the price is your primary concern, then buying a used car in Rockford is the way to go. If you are leaning towards the purchase of a new Volvo, there are numerous reasons why this makes sense.


It is invariably the styling and the equipment that first draws a potential buyer’s attention; however, the most important issue is reliability. A new Volvo is far more reliable than any used car and most new cars. As such, the buyer can expect few if any, problems. If a new car does develop a problem, it will be looked after under the comprehensive warranty.


New Volvos are accompanied by a generous four-year / 50,000-mile limited warranty. In the event, a problem does occur, or something fails, the warranty ensures that the problem will be rectified at no cost to the owner.

Fuel Economy

The DOT has mandated new fuel economy rules. By 2025, automakers are faced with delivering vehicles going over 54 mpg. This is a major challenge for automobile manufacturers, but it will happen. This drive towards fuel efficiency means that a new car will be far more efficient than any used car; this will cut the cost of driving a new car.


There are periods throughout the year when dealerships offer substantial discounts on a new Volvo. If you time your purchase properly, you can find very good deals. This is not something that is going to happen when buying a used car.

These are just three examples why buying a new Volvo makes sense. When you buy from a Rockford dealer, you know the vehicle’s history. This may not be the case with a used car.

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