You might want to become familiar with some of the most popular roof designs and how they affect your choice of roofing materials if you’re getting a new roof or adding on to your house. You can get help from a company that does roofing in Loveland, CO.


Your roof’s slope serves both functional and cosmetic purposes. On a steep slope roof, for instance, water from rain or snow tends to shed or flow off more quickly. Based on the dimensions of the roof, the slope of the roof is stated as a ratio.

The phrase “6 in 12” or a shortened variant such as “6:12” or “6/12” may be used by roofers. This indicates that the ceiling rises 6 inches vertically for every 12 horizontal inches. Any number may be turned into this with ease. Four inches will rise vertically, and twelve inches will rise horizontally from a roof with a 4-in-12 slope.

Your home’s roof slope can create a unique appearance with level grades or steep inclines. When choosing new roofing in Loveland CO, bear in mind that a steeper slope will make your roof’s surface more noticeable from the ground, perhaps having a bigger effect on the home’s exterior design aesthetics.

Shape, Style, and Design

A roof can make up 40% of the outside of a home, depending on its construction, and frequently contribute significantly to both its overall appearance and curb appeal. Therefore, when it’s time to construct a new roof, you should choose roofing materials and shingle colors that complement the outside style of your home while also working well with the form and slope of your roof.

You can choose which shingles and roofing materials are ideal for your home by understanding the possible performance and design impact of various roof shapes and slopes. This will benefit you from both a performance and aesthetic perspective.