Things to Know About Managing Spokane Commercial Property

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Real Estate

Commercial property management is much different than managing residential real estate.  Depending on the type of commercial property you have, you will usually be able to get high quality tenants who can afford to pay their rent.  This is dependent on the condition of your property, where it is located, and what other businesses are present near the location.  There is much more liability involved with commercial real estate.  It is critical you get a professional property management company on board that has skilled managers with in-depth knowledge of the legalities involved in commercial properties.  Whether you have one commercial property or several, there are a few things you should know if you expect to succeed in your endeavor to become a profitable real estate investor.

Selectiveness of Tenants

If you own multiple commercial rental units that are in close proximity of each other, then you need to try to find tenants who will complement each other.  The key to getting good tenants is to have a unit that is in good repair for affordable rates with other good tenants surrounding the unit.  If you have quality tenants, then others will want to come to that particular area.  If you rent to controversial businesses or to businesses that other companies often do not want to be around, such as bars, adult stores, or other questionable businesses, then you will find it difficult to fill your vacancies.  Make sure it is written in the contract with your property management company that you have the final say when tenant selection is concerned.

Leasing and Legalities

The great thing about owning commercial property is that lease length times are usually longer.  The average lease time for a commercial property is anywhere from three to five years and even longer for highly profitable companies that have built solid reputations.  This gives property owners assurance they will not continually have vacancies.  Commercial renters can, of course, pay a fee to terminate the lease in some cases, but a professional property management company will know how to have the lease written so that it is beneficial to the property owner in the event the commercial tenant defaults.  The rental management Spokane company will also know what types of insurance coverage you should have.  Since the general public will be frequenting the commercial property to purchase goods or services, you need to be extra careful.  You do not want to be drawn into liability lawsuits or anything else that could cause you financial harm.  Safeguarding yourself and your real estate assets is essential.

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