Things to Think of When Considering Residential Roof Replacement in Indianapolis IN

by | Jun 20, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

A roof is a home’s primary line of defense against the elements, and a leak in the roof can cause significant damage in a very short period. Once leaking has started, it can be hard to get a professional out to make repairs. Many roofers are focused on residential roof replacement in Indianapolis, IN, which is a higher-cost job, but understanding the roofer’s reluctance to choose repair over replacement can help customers find the right roofer for the task.

Don’t Pressure a Roofer to Make a Quick Diagnosis

Roofers make far more money replacing roofs than they do on simple repairs, but that’s not the only reason roofers are reluctant to take on repair jobs. Roofing repairs are often thankless tasks; it may take a long time to arrive at a diagnosis, but many homeowners discount that time’s value as there are no “results” to see. With the pressure on, a roofer might feel compelled to make a snap diagnosis.

One Failure Typically Leads to Another

Many roofers are reluctant to repair residential roofs for another reason. If a homeowner sees leaks months after an initial repair, they may feel as if they’re owed something for free, even if the new problem isn’t related to the old one. In many cases, the roofer has to choose between losing money and irritating the customer; a homeowner can reassure the roofer that they won’t hold the roofer accountable for later issues. Some roofing repairs are brought about by high winds, falling trees and other natural factors, none of which a roofer can control.

Installation Issues Don’t Always Show up Right Away

Just because a roof hasn’t leaked before doesn’t mean that the first installation went as planned. As a matter of fact, many roofs fail because a part of the initial installation wasn’t done properly. An issue caused by a poor installation may not appear for a decade or more, and by the time problems do arise, the home has been sold or the homeowner doesn’t remember who did the roofing work. There are still others whose roofs fail because their materials have outlived their useful lives. If a roof begins to leak and is more than 15 years old, there’s a high chance that a residential roof replacement from Watertight Roofing Indy management may be necessary.

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