When it’s time to buy a new home, townhomes are a great option to consider. They are an often-overlooked choice that provides many of the same comforts as a house but for less money.


When it comes to yard and property maintenance, townhomes for sale in Jacksonville, FL, are like a hybrid between condos and single-family homes. If you like the thought of someone else taking care of your lawn and yard, then you may want to look into getting a condo. HOAs takes care of all outside maintenance with condos.

With a townhome, you’ll be doing more outdoor work but less than you would be if you owned a single-family residence. When you buy a townhome, you will typically pay an association fee that covers some of the tasks involved in property maintenance, such as garbage collection and disposal. The rest is usually up to you.

Instant Community

When you are searching for townhomes for sale in Jacksonville, FL, remember that they exist in communities. No townhome is an island. Once you move in, you will be privy to get-togethers and events sponsored by the association or other members.

Added Protection

Townhomes are often close-knit places where neighbors look after one another. They usually have a neighborhood watch program that includes community patrols that seek out suspicious behavior before it turns criminal. This type of vigilance brings peace of mind and lets you even go on vacation without worrying too much about a break-in.


Townhouses are typically cheaper than comparable single-family homes, principally because you are sharing a wall with a neighbor when you buy a townhome. They are great options for those struggling with or recovering from financial problems.


Townhomes offer attractive facilities for residents. There will usually be a pool, green areas and a place for fitness. Depending on the townhouse you buy, you may even have a media room and banquet hall.

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