Spring and summer are popular times of the year for pests to begin seeking new homes. As temperatures climb and moisture begins to grow more sparse, numerous natural invaders look for cool, damp areas to call home. Unfortunately, they often find refuge in human homes where climate-controlled environments and readily available food supplies make life a bit more comfortable. Those intruders also pave the way for autumn pests determined to escape the coming cold.

Understanding the Most Common Types of Pests

While hundreds of types of intruders could enter the mix, some are highly common across the United States. A Pest Control Company in Federal Way Wa might see anything from insects to rodents invading customers’ homes. Some of the most destructive and even deadly may be silently working their way into your household at this very moment.

  • Ants:
  • Well over 12,000 different ant species have been discovered, but only certain ones are notorious for causing problems in people’s homes. Carpenter ants are some of the most devastating because they’re known for digging tunnels and nests in wooden structures. Fire ants can be dangerous as well. Though they don’t often move indoors, they create nests around homes and are quite aggressive if disturbed. They won’t hesitate to sting and attack victims in droves if they feel threatened.
  • Wasps:
  • Wasps often build their nests in trees but aren’t averse to setting up household in eaves, walls, and crawlspaces. They also enter homes through open doors and cracks around windows. Although they try to avoid human contact, the closer they get to people’s habitats, the more vehemently they defend their own spaces. An estimated two million Americans are allergic to stings, and wasps tend to attack in packs, making their venom even more dangerous for certain people.
  • Cockroaches:
  • While cockroaches don’t attack or harbor venom, they’re known to frequent areas riddled with bacteria. When they enter people’s homes, they carry pathogens along with them. From there, they crawl across dishes, silverware, counters, sinks, and toothbrushes and take advantage of humans’ food supplies, spreading all those germs wherever they go.

These are only a few of the common invaders a Pest Control Company in Federal Way Wa might deal with when helping customers reclaim their homes. Numerous other pests also roam the country looking for suitable living situations. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance if you’re facing an invasion of your own.