If you are in college, you should consider moving out of the dorms. The newfound independence starts to wear off when you realize you are sharing a bathroom with 20 other people and a studio apartment-sized room with another person. The best way to get true independence and freedom is to move off-campus. There are a lot of student apartments for rent in Sacramento. Use the following criteria to find the right one.

  1. Distance – Make sure it’s not too far from campus. Nothing is worse than racking up huge gas bills and wasting valuable study time sitting in traffic all day. You should try to live no more than 10-15 minutes away from campus when you choose your student apartments for rent in Sacramento.
  2. Utilities – Don’t just consider rent when you are choosing your new place. Add up all the costs associated like apartment membership fees, utilities, and internet to get the true monthly bill you will be responsible for. Once you have this number, you will be able to decide if you can afford it.
  3. Safety – Make sure you check out the property at night to see how secure it is. The best properties are well-lit and night and may even have an attendant at the entrance gate for added security. You want to feel safe where you live.

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