One of the biggest challenges a restaurant faces is locating quality vendors to supply them with the products they need to remain operational, and the vast number of companies that provide mexican food distribution in Connecticut makes it a challenging task. Many managers are concerned with the price of the goods they purchase, and while it is a major factor, many other qualities outweigh a decision based on cost alone. Here are three items to look for when seeking a food distribution company.

Delivery Schedule

A missed or late delivery can be detrimental to a restaurant, so it is important to find a company that operates on a regular schedule which will help to prevent delivery delays. Also, they should offer customized delivery schedules, as some establishments will require more frequent deliveries to ensure that they have access to fresh ingredients. This can help a restaurant serve the freshest and highest quality meals possible.

Food Quality

It should go without saying, but it is important to inspect the quality of the food that is delivered. If a restaurant has to deal with produce that is either too ripe or too green, it can lead to food shortages, and meat should be high quality, fresh, and packed so that it can be safely stored until it is ready for use. Rotten produce can lead to a horrible experience for customers, which can harm the reputation of an established restaurant.

Large Selection

It can be frustrating to have to order items from multiple vendors, so try to find one that offers a wide array of food and supplies. Products such as flatware, drink products, and take-out packaging are all important products to have on hand, and ordering from one vendor can help to alleviate confusion. A quality Mexican Food Distribution in Connecticut will have access to a wide range of products and help keep their customer’s restaurants operating smoothly.

Locating a quality food distributor isn’t an easy task. The team at Best Mexican Foods can help and offers a huge selection food and serving products at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment to learn more, and make stocking a Mexican eatery as simple as possible.