Since maintaining parking lots can be costly, many commercial property owners often neglect the lots on their property. However, the appearance of a parking lot can affect business, because if a property is neglected on the outside, customers may think the building is neglected on the inside as well. Here are three causes of asphalt damage and some corresponding repair solutions.

The Sun’s UV Rays

The composition of asphalt is sand, rock, and aggregates held together by a binder. The sun’s UV rays beaming down on asphalt can damage the binder so that it no longer holds the asphalt components together. If you notice loose gravel, you should contact a company specializing in asphalt maintenance in Mount Vernon, WA to reapply the binder in order to prevent further damage to the parking lot.

Standing Water

It’s normal for water to pool on asphalt after a hard rain, but if there is still standing water on the asphalt after 48 to 72 hours, it can cause damage. The water can begin seep through any cracks in the asphalt and soak into the underlying soil.

Potholes form when the underlying structure of asphalt is damaged and cars continue to drive over it. To prevent potholes, it’s important to schedule regular asphalt maintenance to keep the parking lot in good condition.

Oil Stains

Motor oil can damage a parking lot as well, as oil can eat through asphalt and degrade it. If you notice oil puddles or stains on the parking lot, try to clean them up as soon as possible to prevent degradation. If you need help cleaning a parking lot, visit website for more info about their power washing services.

Scheduling annual asphalt maintenance will help keep your property in good shape, making it more appealing to potential clients who want the businesses they use to be located on a nice property.