Wine is not only a great complement to dinner but also a fulfilling hobby. One of the biggest challenges of building and keeping a wine collection is storing it in a way that preserves each bottle’s flavor and integrity. Here are three wine storage options to consider.

Wine Rack

A basic wine rack in the kitchen or basement is a beginner-friendly storage option if you only have a few bottles. Place your racks away from sunlight, heat and humidity. Look for sturdy wooden wine storage racks in Charlotte, NC, and fasten them into the wall studs.

Wine Cooler

If you have amassed a good collection of wine, it’s time to move up to a wine cooler. You can install a wine cooler beneath your kitchen cabinets or in a spare closet or corner. A wine cooler keeps your bottles at the perfect temperature for serving and helps them last longer.

Wine Cellar

True sommeliers with large collections of wine should consider investing in a wine cellar. You can turn the basement you already have into a spacious wine cellar by adding climate control and a few wine storage racks in Charlotte, NC. Consider having a professional build your cellar for the best results.

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