Three Tips for Choosing a Color and Style of Tiles for a Backsplash

A tile backsplash protects walls from getting splattered with oil, grease, sauces, water and more. They also create an attractive backdrop for a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. Consider the following three tips for choosing backsplash tiles in Arizona to create a look that will complement your decor.

Coordinate With Countertops

One way to choose backsplash tiles in Arizona is to coordinate them with the color or style of your countertops. For example, if you have a granite countertop with shades of black and gray on the surface, you might want to choose tiles that are black and white or black, gray and white for the backsplash. These colors also work well in a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances.

Consider the Flooring

You may also want to coordinate the color and style of your backsplash with the flooring. For example, ceramic floor tiles in a square shape look good with a square shape of backsplash tile. If you have hardwood or luxury vinyl plank floors, consider rectangular subway tiles. For a dark hardwood floor, choose deep tones of subway tiles. An oak hardwood, laminate or vinyl plank floor would look good with shades of tan, cream and golden-brown tiles.

Think About the Location

You may also want to consider the location of the backsplash when choosing a color and style of tile. In a small guest bathroom, you might want light tiles in order to brighten the space. In a big kitchen, you may wish to create a pattern or design by having the installers use different colors and combinations of tile sizes and shapes. For an elegant master bathroom, you may wish to go with an ornate design or one that makes use of a monochromatic color scheme.