Hand dryers appear in many kinds of buildings and facilities around the world. Possibly the most common place you will see a hand dryer, however, is in a bathroom. Bathroom hand dryers are becoming more and more common, helping businesses keep their facilities clean and ecologically responsible. Here are a few of the different types of hand dryers you might see in a bathroom.

The Loud Dryer

This type of dryer is amazingly efficient and honestly a bit fun to use. It is the one that revs up like a jet engine, wrinkles the backs of your hands and then shuts off within seconds, leaving perfectly dry skin. These dryers are quite common in high-traffic public restrooms because of how quickly and effectively they work. They tend to stand up well to heavy use; some also have adjustable power levels and built-in antimicrobial features.

The Futuristic Dryer

These bathroom hand dryers are slim and high-tech, with the potential to add to a room’s aesthetics. Sleek and modern, they tend to sport a slot for damp hands to go in and come back out dry. These particular dryers tend to also be efficient, and some have built-in filters, water collection reservoirs and other features to help ensure good public hygiene and sanitation.

The Warm, Quiet Dryer

These classic hand dryers tend to work well in lower-traffic areas that require a quieter environment. They generally use heat, unlike some of the new very high-powered models. If you are equipping a bathroom in a library, office, school or other area where people need quiet to focus, and if you like toasty warm hands, this standard type of dryer might be for you.

Bathroom hand dryers are everywhere. Due to their potential to help save trees and curb the spread of bacteria, it is likely their presence will only continue to grow. They are equipped with varying features; some of them might warm your hands or temporarily wrinkle the backs of your hands, but any one of them will dry your hands.