There are many different types of applications that require the use of aluminum round plate. This is simply a round disk of aluminum cut to the specifications required and of the thickness requested by the buyer.

As with all aluminum components, round plate can be of a specific alloy as well as a specific temper. Different alloys or types of aluminum and different tempers produce different properties and also different benefits or possible issues. Understanding the specific use of the component as well as the characteristics required will be essential.

Ordering Round Plate

Look for an aluminum fabricator with a top reputation in being able to work to specific requirements and tight tolerances when ordering aluminum round plate. Companies specializing in aluminum fabrication and processing are always the best option.

Some of these companies offer a full technical support department. This is a great tool and resource that will provide the information you need to choose the right alloy for your components. They will also provide information on the best machining options for the specific alloy selected, ensuring you have the equipment needed to work with the round plate once it arrives.

The rounds can be machined to the specific requirements of the job. The thickness of the aluminum round plate will also be a factor to consider. With a wide range of possible plate thicknesses from a quarter of an inch to up to four inches, finding the right thickness of plate is not a problem when you are working with a top aluminum company.

Surface Preparation

Depending on the specific application for the round plate, it may be important to have the aluminum fabricator also complete finishing or surfacing on the parts.

Surface treatments will again depend on the alloy used and the specific demands or aesthetic considerations for the part. Talking to the technical support professionals can also be important in choosing the correct surface treatment.

Electroplating is often ideal when the cast plate needs to be protected from wear and tear through friction. Hard coatings, including anodizing, can create a desired thickness on the surface to provide a more durable surface. This will produce more of a matte gray surface that can be somewhat non-uniform in appearance.

Having the aluminum company cut and finish the round plate is a very wise business decision. The parts will arrive on time and to the specs you need, ready for use in your OEM parts or manufacturing and fabrication lines.